Business process management

We design new processes for evolving businesses. Using proprietary methodologies, consolidated over years of experience in process analysis, we work to determine strategic objectives in order to identify areas where the process structure can evolve from a digital perspective.

What we do

Business process management (BPM) activities are carried out according to methodologies developed in-house, which are the result of experience gained in numerous projects and are designed to minimise analysis times and to enable the production of an intervention roadmap which brings immediate and tangible results (quick wins) and defines medium/long term structural action.
The activities involved in the process transformation analysis can be summarised as follows:

  • process mapping: understanding the business context, objectives, and processes;
  • risk analysis: identifying areas of risk and improvement (SWOT analysis) and assigning a priority index, calculated on the basis of appropriately defined indicators;
  • process re-design: performing a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the critical issues found, defining the to-be processes from a digital perspective, and determining the action needed to achieve the new scenario in order of priority based on the technology gap, corporate strategy, and the impact and speed of the benefit.


  • Clear view of business processes, which are shown plainly and intuitively.
  • Areas for improvement are highlighted, to define risks and opportunities.
  • Definition of the roadmap of intervention for evolution.

Case Studies

Smart fleet management

Facility services
Business process management
Analysis and design of an innovative IT system for integrated management and optimisation of customer support and rental services

Optimal warehouse management

Logistics and distribution
Business process management
Warehouse process analysis with a view to increasing internal efficiency and delivery frequency

Smart waste management

Public sector
Business process management
Study, analysis, and assessment of innovative software solutions for planning on-demand waste collection

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