Electronics & High Tech

The high tech and consumer electronics industry is renowned for its ever-faster introduction of new technologies and ever-shorter product life cycles. This means products on the market are constantly evolving and become commodities very quickly. Knowing how to successfully innovate a product portfolio and consciously govern the digital transformation are absolute imperatives for the entire industry.

Warrant Innovation Lab helps companies in the industry find concrete responses to market challenges and innovate successfully.

Case Studies

Switching power unit for radio and TV transmitters

Electronics & High Tech
Research and development
Hardware and firmware conception and design for a switching power unit for radio and TV transmitters

Data breaches

Electronics & High Tech
Management of data breaches involving the data of natural persons

High tech: assessment of intangible assets

Electronics & High Tech
Intangible asset assessment
Technical and financial assessment of technology know-how

Electronics 4.0

Electronics & High Tech
Industry 4.0
Verification of compliance of capital goods with technical requirements established by Industry 4.0 legislation

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