Digital transformation

Our consulting focuses on the digital transformation of business processes, project management and coordination, selection of the software available on the market  best  suited to the needs of the company,  and analysis of the production system from an Industry 4.0 perspective. 

With an independent, on-demand approach, we support clients in the digital transformation of their processes and help them find the best solutions on the market, i.e. those most tailored to their needs. 
Using our in-depth knowledge and understanding of  the information systems market, we work with our clients' digital & IT departments to establish which information systems are most suited to their new needs, guaranteeing the optimisation of associated processes for  both their business support system and their operating support system. We analyse our clients' processes  (production and non-production) to identify opportunities for improvement with tangible results for both the short and then the medium/long term.

We have developed detailed knowledge of all the major areas of industry, regarding the introduction of machinery and plants in accordance with the technology model known as Industry 4.0.  We offer consulting services for both machine manufacturers who wish to certify their products and buyers who wish to digitalise their production processes. For buyers, we can provide operational support for the action needed to ensure complete digitalisation of the process and to obtain the financial incentives provided for by the law.

We guarantee project delivery, ensuring the quality of the final result and on-time and on-cost performance of activities, coordinating suppliers' project activities (project management) and the correct introduction of new departments within the company, focussing  in particular on the effects this has on people (change management).

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