Intellectual property

Our services concern the management of intellectual property, from the identification of tools for protecting and developing IP assets  - as strategic assets for businesses and as drivers of innovation - to the valuation of intangible assets, such as brands, designs, patents, software, and know-how for the purposes of exceptional financial transactions (M&A) and tax relief (through the Italian 'Patent Box' mechanism). 

We help our clients find the best strategy to protect intellectual property originating from their research and development activities. 
While the most common way of doing this, the patent is not necessarily the most effective  and therefore, after defining an appropriate protection strategy, we help our clients submit their patent applications, providing assistance with both the preparation and the drafting of the document. 

'"Patent Box"
 is the name given to a low tax option available to businesses in Italy for income originating  from the use of intangible assets and intellectual property. We provide our clients with assistance to establish which of their assets are eligible for this option, to prepare the documentation which must be submitted in order to apply the mechanism  and we guide them through the prior agreement procedure with the Italian revenue agency. 
Finally, in the case of exceptional financial transactions (such as mergers and acquisitions, purchases and sales of intangible assets), having an accurate valuation of intangible assets is vital to the success of negotiations. Through careful analysis of the technical and financial  aspects of the asset, WIL contributes to ensuring the valuation of the resources being exchanged is reasonable and acceptable to both parties.

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