Digital transformation and changes in purchasing and consumption habits have led to the need for fast and effective responses from businesses in the fashion industry, to define business models aimed at guaranteeing competitiveness on national and international markets. New technologies and materials, the 4.0 transformation of production processes, and the physical/digital balance in the end customer's purchasing experience are all fundamental aspects that business must consider in their strategies.

We work alongside our clients to overcome the challenges thrown at us by the market, designing the transformation pathway with them and assisting them with the implementation of solutions and raising capital for investments.

Case Studies

i-Tex: environmentally sustainable water-repellent coatings for fabrics

From Lab to Business
Development of an innovative, environmentally sustainable and highly water-repellent treatment for fabrics

Advanced digital catalogue

Technology scouting
Innovative and integrated solutions for the management of all information concerning clients' products to support marketing and sales activities

Tracking and tracing - Global fashion brand

Patent Box concession
R&D cost reporting and calculation of the Nexus Ratio for each year of the Patent Box concession

Production processes 4.0

Project & delivery management
Analysis, design, and delivery of a transformation solution to make production processes Industry 4.0 compliant

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