Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is more than just a tax benefit.
Our services are aimed not only at guaranteeing tax breaks relating to the Industry 4.0 plan (resulting in a financial gain for the customer and an additional sales lever for the machinery/system manufacturer), but  also and above all at ensuring proper integration and interconnection of the production system in order to reap the real added value offered by the fourth industrial revolution, which can guarantee the company a sustainable competitive advantage through effective implementation of the Industry 4.0 model.

What we do

For the machine manufacturers

We achieve the goals set by analysing machinery or systems through on-site inspections and documental analysis. We then assess compliance of the machinery or system with the technical requirements imposed by applicable legislation and prepare the final report, either certifying its compliance or specifying any corrective actions needed in order to achieve compliance.
Together with the compliance report, a logo is issued which demonstrates certification.

For machine purchasers

We ensure Industry 4.0 related tax relief can be obtained by analysing the correct integration and interconnection of the machines within the company's production system from a technical perspective. Above all, though, we ensure the Industry 4.0 model is implemented correctly within

  • the business's production system by determining machine interconnection and integration requirements;
  • analysing the production process and operating procedures;
  • devising a dashboard of indicators for remote monitoring and production control;
  • focusing the factory information system (e.g. MES/SCADA) on products/processes with greater value for the company.


  • Tax benefits stemming from the Industry 4.0 regulatory framework.
  • Improved process performance due to machine interconnection and integration logics.

Case Studies

Electronics 4.0

Electronics & High Tech
Industry 4.0
Verification of compliance of capital goods with technical requirements established by Industry 4.0 legislation

Automotive 4.0

Industry 4.0
Analysis, study, and certification of construction equipment products

Industry 4.0: new digital processes

Health and Pharmaceuticals
Industry 4.0
Analysis, design, and selection of the best solution to turn production processes into Industry 4.0 processes

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