Innovation lab

The Innovation Lab service consists in finding innovative solutions to complex problems rapidly. To do so, we use the TRIZ approach, which is a highly effective problem-solving tool with which we have considerable experience in both national and international situations.

The Innovation Lab approach means finding solutions to technical problems fast. A service for Research and Development activities that allows clients to:

  • broaden the scope for solutions, extending it beyond internal skills;
  • orient Research and Development activities towards the best possible solution;
  • remove limits and preconceptions to break free of the "that's the way it's always been done" mindset.

What we do

Based on the TRIZ method, the Innovation Lab service works by providing the following series of activities:

  • analysis of the problem and of the technological context;
  • preparation of the laboratory by reassessing the technical problem internally;
  • innovation laboratory: reformulation of the problem, definition and prioritisation of functional requirements, and provision of one or more innovative patentable solutions;
  • selection of the solution and preparation of the summary report.


  • Technical problems solved quickly.
  • Better business performance depending on the problem solved (e.g. increased turnover or market share, lower operating costs).
  • Provision of various solutions, all of which are technically feasible and patentable, kindled by external expertise.
  • Maximised benefits of Research and Development.

Case Studies

Internet of Things: smart security devices

Facility services
Innovation lab
Conception, design, and development, using TRIZ methodology, of a new IoT security device

Modular solutions for transport

Logistics and distribution
Innovation lab
Concept design of innovative solutions to increase transport efficiency

Innovative machinery maintenance

Innovation lab
Conception and design of a revolutionary solution for machinery maintenance

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