IP protection strategy

Our teams of specialists are available to help you devise the best possible strategy for the protection of Industrial Property (IP) originating from the conception and development of a technology or product.

What we do

Patents are just one of the possible tools available for IP protection. After an in-depth analysis of the context and the technology or product you want to protect, we map out possible protection strategies for each concession, associating it with the most appropriate tool.
In the case of patents, which remain the most widespread solution, we offer activities to strengthen the protection they can provide:

  • following a strict technological ontology, we reassess what your product or technology offers in order to identify the most important technological and inventive content;
  • through problem-solving techniques and concept design, we devise the patenting strategy which would be most useful to extend patent coverage;
  • we produce a draft of the patent application according to the method defined and shared with the client;
  • we carry out a priority search within patent literature, to establish exactly what patenting opportunities are available.


A well-structured protection strategy has various impacts on a company's business activities.

  • Greater awareness of your business's IP development capacity.
  • Greater probability of success of the patent application.
  • Lower risk of patent circumvention.
  • Ability to optimally plan Research and Development activity.

Case Studies

IP protection strategy

IP protection strategy
Definition of a strategy to protect intellectual property resulting from the development of a new self-driving product

IP protection: recycling machinery

Public sector
IP protection strategy
Definition of the best strategy to protect industrial property rights concerning a system dedicated to the recycling of non-ferrous materials

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