Cyber security

We provide consulting services to protect the company's information assets against external threats, as well as to identify and/or remedy a technological risk situation.

What we do

We offer Security Governance by protecting hardware and software ICT infrastructure, data, and digital identity management. We provide solutions for managing the life cycle of digital identities and their access authorisation profiles, as well as information security, with the development of an ISMS (Information Security Management System) to support ISO 27001 international security certification.
We ensure regulatory compliance through a structured, organic compliance plan for legal, organisational, and functional aspects.
We offer multimedia training courses on information security.
We perform technological risk analyses, checking the level of critical issues and vulnerabilities in the systems and the impact thereof based on the likelihood of occurrence, and then we build a detailed remediation plan together with the client.


  • Awareness of the risks stemming from the possibility of external attacks targeting the company's information assets.
  • Regulatory compliance and introduction of security systems available on the market offering the highest possible level of security based on the context.

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